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Financial advice to help you grow your investments and better prepare for your future retirement.

 Our Mission

Our mission is to help you achieve a happy and sustainable retirement. We support you and your family to make better financial decisions allowing you more freedom to enjoy your life today and tomorrow. We make the most of current legislation, financial markets and tax structures to provide greater potential to grow your wealth while protecting you and your family against illness or injury along the way.

Stress less. Take Control. Plan Ahead.

How we can help

At iPartner, we work out what you need to do today, so you don’t have to worry about your retirement tomorrow.  We’ll do the worrying for you, while guiding you every step of the way.

You would like to leave a legacy for your kids and ensure you don’t run out of money.
You want to be confident that you will have enough money to enjoy life after work.
It’s time to pay down debt, protect your wealth and grow your assets.
You want to buy your dream home, expand your family and grow your wealth.

“Our prime purpose in life is to help others,”
Dalai Lama

At iPartner, we partner with you and guide you through every step of life’s journey.

Kind words from our clients

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Jane Brown

Head Accountant

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Alex Cokalis



iPartner Financial Solutions was founded by Alex Cokalis, our principle financial adviser and managing director.  Alex graduated from The University of Melbourne with honours within a Bachelor of Engineering and a Physics major within a Bachelor of Science.  With a passion for financial advice he later completed his Advanced Diploma of Financial Services and entered the industry in 2001.  With a range of roles within both the large banks (Commonwealth Bank of Australia, ANZ and BankWest) and Australia’s largest non-bank financial services provider, AMP, Alex brings a plethora of knowledge to the customer experience here at iPartner.  Outside the industry, Alex lives by the philosophy of kindness and compassion and brings this energy into the workplace.


Personal Life

From a young age, Alex had a thirst for knowledge and wisdom.  He quenched this thirst through scientific studies which continued throughout university.  However, while his knowledge progressed he didn’t feel he was any wiser about the intricacies of life, thus started his shift of exploration from the outer world, to within.   It was during this time that Alex recognised that the greatest wealth is achieved from a peaceful, joyful self and his personal aspirations of wealth transformed to include wellbeing. 

Alex practices meditation and yoga, is a keen study of ancient philosophy and practices and is fascinated with the power of the mind and how freeing it opens the path to inspiration, motivation and creativity.

Alex is the proud father of 2 adorable children who provide him with love and joy as well as valuable lessons in life.  The birth of his children also gave him new meaning on life and motivation to his own and his children’s health and wellbeing.  He stays active with rock climbing, running and walking and gains inspiration and energy when out in nature, whether it be a trek through the mountains or a swim in the ocean.


Alex’ daily practice of Health, Wealth and Wellbeing is a pursuit he tries to impart onto his clients and enjoys working with them throughout their own life journey.